Friday, 21 January 2011

Torrent Buddy For WP7

OK so I am now running WP7 on my HTC HD2 it was only fair to test out some of the apps, and I came across this little app that lets you check you're Torrent from your wp7 device.

"Torrent Buddy is a client application which run on windows phone and communicate with your uTorrent client/webserver running on your PC. This is pretty handy to look at the status of your torrents and control them as needed. What’s unique about Torrent Buddy compared to other apps on market place is that it lets you add new torrents from any website and RSS feeds. Not only that, it also allows you to add torrent from sites which require authentication by adding your own cookie information."
The Trial version will support everything except adding new torrents
you can get it from the market place.
I am nothing to do with this app It just taken me ages to get it set up so thought I would help in case anyone else needed it

OK so I thought I would write up a little tutorial on how to set this app up, as the only info i could find was on this site(the creates of the app)

OK so I found the easiest way of doing this guys was like this (my pc is connected via wifi)

1.give yourself a static ip=
start>control panel>network connections>right click you’re wireless connection>properties>

2.on the General Tab there is a box you can scroll down to, got to Internet protocol(TCP/IP)click on it and click properties

3.use the following IP Address example
IP. =
subnet =
Deafult gateway = (mine was)
DNS server (mine was)
click ok to save then ok

4. log in to you’re router(mine is Netgear so
5.go to port forwarding
6.create new port forward
Service Name = Torrent Buddy
Service Type = TCP/UDP
Starting Port = chose a port
Ending Port = chose a port
Server IP Address (you’re static address)
save and log out you’re router

7.uTorrent setup – In uTorrent, go to options->Preferences->Web UI, Select “Enable Web UI” check mark. Enter a username and password and keep not of the connectivity port. This is what you will need to connect from torrent buddy (Select the check box and enter the port you chose for port forwarding).

Go to [url][/url] and it will show you you’re IP.

fire up torrent buddy and open connections menu
9.Friendly name = whatever you want
Server name = [url]http://yourIP:the[/url] port you chose
username = the same you chose for the settings in Utorrent
Password = as above
save the connection you created and press the tick box if you did everything ok then it should go back to the main screen and connect and then you can watch you’re torrents.

Hope this helps

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  1. Hey. I dont understand anything about the router.... i cant get to mine because its in my brothers room which is locked all the time